Look Shadow Tree

First step: empty my mind.

Next, count one, two, three and say “START”

Then, start listing out the 10 random words… Ohh… I’m so liking the randomness of today’s Daily Prompt.

  1. Sick
  2. Bastard
  3. Dog
  4. Pool
  5. Enter
  6. Look
  7. terror
  8. shadow
  9. noodles
  10. tree

There I go, 10 words, now pick 3, in random of course (note to self: it’s a good idea for app). Look Shadow Tree. And, we have the title. Hoooray…

So, in my backyard of my childhood house, there is a big big tree. I don’t know what tree it was, but it’s like the one you see in the movie where there is nothing else in the field except this big tree. It’s about 15 meters tall and quite fat. The nearest branch from the ground is about 3 meters high. And that’s why I’ve never climbed that tree before.

I like to sit under that tree alone. Fantasizing all sort of things from flying burning frog to a laser shooting boomerang. That was my favorite place. I sometime spend my whole afternoon there. And sometime I bring a friend or two. But most of the time, I am alone.

One day, I have to leave for college. Though I still hang out alone a lot, I can’t find the same place like under the shadow of that tree. It is so different out here. Especially when you have nothing to escape from anymore. You are pretty much all alone all the time. But that lonely time is sometime boring. Not as awesome as the tree’s shadow anymore.

And this story is all made up. It’s one of my fantasy, of course. So does most of the posts on this blog. But what are fictions but a twisted true story. All these story has a root story it’s based on. For the story above, it wasn’t a big tree. It was a swinging hammock in my mom’s garden. A little bit of salt here and pepper there, the story is made. Just like I wanted it to be.

Check out my new series called the One Way Ticket to Mars which I’ve planned for long time and finally got the courage to post the first installment of it. Hope you enjoy it.


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