There is a saying that say “Everything happen for a reason”. I don’t buy it. But what I know is that this life is short and beautiful. So, whatever you like to do, don’t feel bad about it.

There will be time to write, there will be time to talk. But we don’t sleep when it’s time to eat. And we don’t cry when it’s the time to smile. But what is time? This time is my time. Listen to your body and it will tell you what to do. The more we stress about it, the less likely we are going to get what we want. Because when the body doesn’t get what it wants, it will find ways. Procrastinating is one of the ways our body trying to tell us that “Hey, I don’t have enough fun yet. I need more.”

Of course we feel bad about procrastinating. I still do most of the time. I used to feel so bad about it that I stress about it so much that I fell into depression. And depression is bad. It is worse than procrastination. Once you are in the depressed state, nothing will get done. I used to bite my nails all night and hide under my desk because I don’t feel like doing anything. Worse, isn’t it? trust me.


So, how do I deal with procrastination? I let it be. I embrace it. Just like everything else that is me. I won’t let other people telling me that this is bad and that is good or “you should do that but not this.” IMHO, if you feel good about it, it is good. Fullstop.

PS: This is probably why I’m still poor and desperate 😉 But I’m happier.


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