Maybe, sometimes, always.

Funny, ha ha ha. Maybe I am. Sometimes I do. And I think it depends on other people.

First of all, I think that I’m funnier in writing. If you find my writing boring, you probably hate me in real life. But seriously, I’ve made people laughed their arses off by just written words. But, I mean laughing not just  LOL or RMAO or ROFL. Well, now I’m feeling pathetic.

Second of all, I’m not good at “Retelling” jokes. I am really bad at that. Every single time I try to recite a joke I read or heard somewhere, people will just get confused. Try this, “Why does the chicken cross the road?”. Answer it and then I will tell you that “actually I don’t really understand the joke either, haha”

Finally, most of the time that I made people laugh, both in real life and also in writing is by being who I am. I say things that is naive and straight to the point. Some people hated that, but some will find it funny. But sometimes, I do feel angry because “Hey, I’m being serious here”.

Final final thing, I hate making fun of other people. I know it’s probably the easiest way to make a joke, but hey, people have feelings, OK?!

Now, let me tell you a joke (kind of a riddle).

“What’s the different between a man falling down from 2nd floor of a building and a man falling down from 20th floor of the same building?”

I will post the answer to that question on my next daily post. Have fun 🙂


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