An honest answer from randomness

It’s a very different thing about today’s daily prompt in asking such a straight forward question.

Are writing prompts a useful exercise, or do you find them to be too limiting and/or hokey?

This is a very good chance for me to talk about how The Daily Prompt has helped me in writing so much interesting topics online and also built up a significant numbers of readers (compared to my old passive approach).

I created this blog on the day I discovered The Daily Prompt. Before that, I was in a challenge called “365 Eyes project” where I drew and posted an eye everyday. I wasn’t actively writing but I did write now and then and owning a couple of blogs with no focus at all. When I started this blog, I had been writing more often. I find the daily topics fun and inspiring.

I’ve learn a lot trough out this journey. I’ve pick up a lot of new words, write better English, and learn more about what people actually like. These random topics that come out once a day let me explore the possibilities that I would never have chance to without The Daily Prompt. By writing more, I’ve also learned to know myself more. And the most amazing thing about this journey is that I actually like the things that I wrote. Sometimes I feel amazed by my own writing when I read them back. It’s a very honoring thing to do.

Apart from all these randomness, this daily post activities have also encouraged me to write with more focus. I started to write a more organized short stories that is currently on going called the One Way Ticket to Mars. Some of the Daily Prompts topic actually have a direct influence of the story line. I also see clearer on the direction that I’m heading to. All of these could happen because The Daily Prompt encouraged me to write more. The more I write, the more I understand regarding the topics that I love to write about and also the things that I would not bother writing at all.

“How do you know where you are going if you don’t know where you’ve been?”  3 Doors Down.

Reader are important. The Daily prompt helped my blog to gain readers by allowing ping back. Most of my readers are from The Daily Prompt’s readers. And of course, we are all fellow writers that know how each other feels about writing. And we read each other blogs now and then. I’m glad to see that I’ve gain some followers toward this journey that allows me to start experimenting with new writing outside of The Daily Prompt without being afraid of “nobody is reading”.

I don’t have any better word to say other than “Thank you” to my dearest Daily prompts. A big thank you to all the people that contributed on the topics. And you need to know that what you are doing really benefit a lot of people like me out here. Thank you.


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