Chapter 3: Mythical rituals

A classical music started playing somewhere in the room. Sean raised up and started to search for his mobile. He walked into the source of the music as he seems to have forgotten where he had placed it. As the size of the mobile is getting smaller and smaller every year, it’s getting harder to find as well.

“here you are” says Sean to himself when he found that tiny device inside his shirt pocket he wore to John’s house this evening. He answered the call and the music stops playing, but was replaced with a mini projection of his girlfriend’s head hovering above the device. “hold on, let me dock you to the wall projector”

“How is everything?” asked Helen over the phone while Sean is setting up the device.

“Alright” answered Sean “how about your side? still a lot of work?”

“Yeah… still have a few years worth of data to process. Going nut soon.” says Helen. “Hey, I think my printer is broken. It can’t print anything since this afternoon. Everything I sent to the printer just went missing as if swallowed by a black hole. So frustrated. How to fix this?”

“I need to have a look at it physically.” He paused for a while “Have you tried the customer service?”

“Yeap. couldn’t get through” Answered Helen. “I will try again tomorrow”

“Helen, I’m going to see Steve’s this weekend. You free to join me?”

“I would love too, but I can’t. I still have stacks of documents to digest. They are endless.”

“Owkay, you should get some rest”

“Yeah, heading off to bed soon. You have fun too, OK?!”

“You know there is no fun at Steve’s place”

“Come on, be grateful to have a brother like him. Some people are dying to have one”

“And those people, are none of my business”

Both are silent for a moment while Sean are looking around the room trying hard not to continue his argument.

“Alright” Helen broke the silent “I’d better be off now. Have a good night, sweetie”

“Good night” replied Sean. He sat on his bed while wishing that he doesn’t have to go on the weekend. Steve’s place is his 2nd less favorite place to visit after his Mom’s house. But what to say, they are related.


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