Who are you to decide? God?

Here we are again to the ultimate question of right and wrongness. I mean seriously, how do you define that?

One day, Mr. Animal Skinner realized that he can get warm by wrapping himself in animal skins. But Mr. Foodoo Master says that it violate the law of nature. You should not cover your skin with anything because the mysterious people in the sky can’t bless you through those beautiful suit that you are wearing. Therefore, the whole village started to hate Mr. Animal Skinner because they think that what he is doing is terribly wrong. But, Mr. Animal Skinner is one stubborn teenager and didn’t give a damn about anything. So, he kept wearing his beloved suit. Time goes by and the winter comes. This time, the winter is terribly cold. Many people died of the cold, but Mr. Animal Skinner is surprisingly healthier than anybody else in that village. And the villagers realized that how the suit has helped Mr. Animal Skinner get through winter without much trouble. And the suit thing started to spread and suddenly it become a right thing to do.

Is it right to help someone in need? Is it wrong to kill another human? Is it wrong to have a religion? Is it right to write a song to a woman? What is wrong with you? As if I’m the rightest person alive.

Anyway, I do love that Groundhog Day movie. And if I get stuck in that one day, I will detonate the Earth’s core with a massive nuclear bomb and watch the world fall apart. What a messed up mind I’ve got inside my head? But that’s just the way I’m made. I’m neither right or wrong, because nothing is right, and nothing is wrong. It’s just an illusion.


6 responses to “Who are you to decide? God?

  • carrico

    Lonely boy continued to brood over his conclusion. Then one day he learned the Syrian part of the earth might be bombed to kingdom come. This made him brood even more. He thought of the children, and this made him sad. If only we could live yesterday tomorrow, he mused. Early one potentially earth-ending day he turned on the t.v. That’s how he learned that we all had 2 more weeks to catch our breath before the destruction commenced. Outside his window he could hear the children at play. Lonely boy heard their laughter. Now he smiled.

  • Teepee12

    I’m pragmatic, more or less “does it work?” versus “does it go kerplunk?” Repeat when it works. Discard when it goes kerplunk. Right and wrong require too many definitions … and an eternity of arguing each point.

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