Unconventional School

Let’s put it the simplest way possible, if I have a huge house and also earning millions of dollar every month without the need to work my ass off, I will build a school.

I hated school. It’s the most boring place in the world, yet that is the most conventional way to get educated. And those who enjoys school the most are normally those that doesn’t really study much.

And also, why should we pay to get educated? The educated people is beneficial to the government and therefore, the students should get paid instead. Just like a company that hires people and also train them if needed, we can build a school where we pay them to study.

How do we earn money? well asked.

But let’s get back to the conventional education for a little bit more. We normally get a lot of lecturers and then exercises, probably. But mostly teachers spending hours talking in front of the class and then the students do something as an exercises or probably take some written tests. It is a normally correct way. I mean, we can do better. How much of those knowledge are actually applied in real life?

And I believe some might have a very practical ways of running their school, like mostly doing while learning. Creating stuffs on the fly. And where does these products end up in?

Now get back to the business model and how we can benefit from this as a company? We can always sell whatever the students make. Whether it’s a handcraft, writing, comics, services or business analytic, we can always profit from those. And the profits will always reach back to the students.

Well, this is a very brief and probably a very stupid idea. But I’m a dreamer. And I’m not the only one.

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