Chapter 4: Missing Pieces

Weekend came and passed. It was unbearable but is nothing unbearable compared to the eternity that is in front of Sean Julian, a Data Analyst at a National Geophysical Data Center of Singapore. History repeats himself over and over again whenever Monday comes. Sean walked from the subway station heading toward his office in this enormous encapsulated city called the White Valley. Tik tok tik tok as he walked across this almost empty streets where most of the shops are still closed. Now and then he hear sounds from the self service machines that are places almost in every corner of the street. It startled him sometimes even though he’s been so used to this emptiness in the morning.

“Good morning” says Sean to the receptionist as he walked pass his office lobby. The receptionist replied him with a smile and a nod.

Sean’s office is not entirely big but everyone has their own room for themselves. Sean’s room is at the very end of the floor with 2 glass walls that face outside with the vast view of the big city. But he kept the blinds down most of the time because the holographic projectors doesn’t work well in places that are too bright. He looked out through the glass wall realizing that he’d forgotten to shut the blind when he left last Friday evening. He stood there for a few moments enjoying the morning view of the city with the sun almost fully risen before he shut the blind again and turned into his desk.

Sean turn on his machine, an array of 2 or 3 flat looking devices on his desks, arranged to has covered almost the entire surface of his desks. A projection of a piece of mountainous surface started to appear. As if a world had just been created out of nowhere, Sean navigated through the projections and interacting here and there doing what he normally do in his Monday morning, looking for abnormalities and spikes.

“Good morning, Sean.” said a man, tall, in his neat white shirt with a dark blue tie who is now standing next to Sean’s door.

Sean look up and give a wide smile “Morning, Jeff.”

“How was your weekend?”

“It was alright. How is yours?”


“Where did you go? You were away the whole weekend, weren’t you?”

“I went the UK.”

“Wow, finally. Why did you come back, then? You should have stayed there for the rest of your life.”

“I wish I could.”

“A mail for Mr. Julian.” interrupted a young man carrying a basket full of mails.

“Mail? Who on Earth still use mails nowadays?” Mocked Jeff as he took the mail from the mailman.

“Let me see it.” demanded Sean.

“NASA. Woo, fancy. What do NASA want from you this time?”

“I don’t know.” As he examine the mail cover looking for clues before opening it.


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