Green words

It was a beautiful morning at the end of spring, a boy was playing in the backyard of his house with some toys that his father just bought him last night. It was a set of cars of assorted sizes and colors. He move the cars on the grassland back and forward while recites a play that he’s just made up by himself about cars that are moving back and forward and another cars followed. And the red car was the leader.

He felt a shadow approaching him from his back, so he turn his head to see the object. He saw a fat, tall old man, wearing a shaggy white and black robe, with a long white hair and beard. The old man hold a long staff in his right hand and a crystal sphere on his right. His face was full of wrinkles and wears an expression that cannot be understood.

The boy stood up and face the old man with curiosity. He wasn’t feeling any fear because he felt that the old man’s face looked very friendly despite his weird appearance. He was particularly curious about the sphere on the old man’s hand. It was a sphere that is filled with white smokes that swirl around. He then noticed that there was no sphere at all, it was just the swirling smokes that form a sphere.

“What is that on your hand, Mister?” Asked the boy politely

“It is a soul” replied the old man

“Why do you have a soul with you?”

“Because I am a soul keeper. I take care of people’s soul”

“Whose soul is it, then?” asked the boy, now half ignoring the old man and half playing with his toys.

“It is your mother’s soul”

“You are lying. My mommy is in the kitchen” the boy replied shyly, not believing a word that the old man said

The old man then reached out his right hand so that the sphere is level with the boy’s eyes. The boy peaked into the sphere and he started to see figures appearing and disappearing. He first saw a little girl playing with a white dog in a grass field. And then it disappeared, replaced with the older version of the girl riding a bicycles across the houses that he’s never seen before. And then he saw the girl turned into a lady, holding a baby in her arm. And then the lady was with a man. They were in a wedding dress.

“It’s beautiful” said the boy “can I have it, Mister?”

“Yes, of course” replied the old man “It is a present, for you. You will take a good care of it for me, promise?”

“Thank you” smiled the boy while taking the sphere with both of his hands. He ran back to his house and ran to the kitchen where his mother was. But as he entered the kitchen’s door, he slowed down as he saw his mother was lying on the floor.

“Mommy, why are you sleeping on the floor, ” asked the boy while slowly approaching the cold body of his mother “the floor is cold, isn’t it”

He heard no response so he called out again “Mommy, wake up, look what I’ve got here. isn’t it beautiful?” But he saw no response from his mother so he called on “Mommy, wake up. Look at my new toy”


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