Chapter 5: Unveiling

Dear Mr. Julian,

Your application for the One Way Ticket to Mars has been approved. Please scan the QR code below to get the full detail and instructions.

Looking forward to meet you in person.


Yours sincerely,


Sean rip open the mail as soon as Jeff left the room. He read the surprisingly short mail over and over again with a big smile on his face.

“I can’t believe it. I’m going to Mars” said Sean over the phone when he decided to call John later that night.

There was a brief silent before John said “It’s happening, then. When are you leaving?”

“For Mars? or for the training?”

“Both of them. Tell me the details”

“The training starts early next year. Still have a couple of months to prepare for that. The training will last for 3 years. After that, I will have 2 years of freedom on Earth sponsored by NASA before the departure date on 2022.”

“Six years, right? You will be dead for us in 6 years. That sounds so crazy” John laughed sarcastically. “Congratulation, Sean. I really mean it. I wish you the best. But make sure you settle your business with your mom and also Helen as soon as possible”

“I know. That will be the hardest part. I’m terrible, aren’t I?”

John gave another faint laugh over the phone “You are crazy.”

Sean smiled as well “Alright, let’s talk more on Friday night when I come over. Thank you, John. For everything.”

Later that week, Sean was at John’s dinning room as usual. They talked and chatted as if for the very last time.

“John, I’m not leaving until January. I will be back again after the training. Don’t you worry so much. You know one of us will die first anyway. It’s just the matter of time and place.”

“I know. I always thought we still have so much time ahead of us. But suddenly everything just disappeared. You are so cruel. It’s so you to do this to your entire world.”

“I know. I’m sorry. But you know why I need to do this. I’ve never liked it here, life or anything. I have nothing to lose”

“So, you are saying that you won’t miss me at all? your mom that loves you so much. Helen?” teased John “By the way. what happen to Helen?”

“We broke up” sighed Sean “she just left without saying a word after I told her about the journey”

“She knew” said John.

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