No, my snout… nooooo

It was a beautiful Tuesday morning with the sun just started to rise high. It was cozy, not too hot, but not cold either. It was lovely time for hunting again. I saw human being started to appear. They gather again in this small area where they will wait for this huge long log that flow through this dried river. I always wonder how things can move in this dried river, but things slides as if they are on water. Nevermind, I was getting hungrier so I went to that human mini gathering.

Most human cover they arms and legs with long clothes. Sadly, those are my favorite parts, so I browsed around looking for better choices. I saw one whose arms are exposed. He was rather tall, a man, with a thick clothes covering his bottom half, but was only wearing a short thin cloth on the top half. So, I dived in and slowly landed on his upper arm. He was skinny but red. I like skinny human, their blood tasted better and not full of smelly fat. So I prepared my snout to dive into his arm’s flesh. I dived in and started to suck. But I feel this tightening sensation at the end of my snout. Oh God, I couldn’t pull my snout out. It was stuck in the flesh. I noticed that the human was staring at my ass now, but I couldn’t move. My snout was still stuck. The human’s other arm started to move. I saw his giant hand forming a formation ready to land me a bow. I braced myself, still trying hard to pull my snout out from that bloody flesh. Snap, he kicked me whole and I flew a few meters far.

And boy, that’s the story of how I lose my snout.

A mosquito diary –

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