What the Forklift?

Last week was a lazy week. A depressing week indeed. Somehow I got so angry at work that I literally ignored everybody around me. I felt bad but at the same time happy. It felt so bad but at the same time addicting. When I’m suddenly fine again, I missed that “quiet” feeling.

Sometimes I got so lazy I don’t feel like writing a single word. But today, I’m on fire. I got so many things I want to write about. And somehow, I can’t fit them into one post. And I am so full of idea now that I don’t know which one to write first.

I decided to give my brain to the Daily Post. Today’s one is really interesting and it happen to be the magic word that we were having this morning at work. But, let’s just save that for the ending.

So that I don’t forgot to write my mind down, let me just pour it out on the floor. I had this problem a few weeks ago where I can’t get a loan to buy a car. I am a foreigner in a foreign land. Somehow my status as a foreigner who pay tax like everybody else makes me a total alien in this land, I don’t get to be treated like everybody else. I went to a car showroom and asked if I can get a loan with the minimum down payment without a guarantor. The dealer was really promising at first. He mentioned that I can, of course. He look at my payslip and bank statements and say it looks good.

So, that’s the first part, he raised my hope up to the mountain of Sinai. I gave him all the required documents and get ready to pay the booking fee. He went out to make a copy of the documents and probably call some of the banks to confirm about the loan thingy.

I was waiting in the room looking at the car brochure picking the color. Few minutes later, the dealer came back to the room and slam me down from the top of the Mt. Olympic down to the deep hole of Tartarus. Apparently, because I’m a foreigner, I need a guarantor who is a citizen or at least 30% down-payment.

Well, that is when hope disappeared. I don’t have 30% and probably will take me another 3 years to save up to that amount of money. But the problem is, why the rules? Just because I wasn’t born here makes me so different. Fork you!!

So, that was few weeks ago. Probably months. This morning, my colleague gave me a car advertisement and wonder if I’m interested. I told him the story. He asked me to try again, maybe they have a better connection with the bank and can get me a special case. This is, the hope reborn.

We hoped, therefore we tried, therefore we failed. Repeat until you’ve succeeded or lost the hope or dead.

I know there is a very small chance of this to work out. But the hope inside me has been given some attention. Once the hope is born, you can’t help but to try. Though I do tell myself to prepare for the worst, there is no way I can avoid the disappointment if it fails again. But the hope is there, and the only way out is try.

Back to the forklift. I work in a software house. The codes that we are working on has cool nicknames like Marty, DeLorean, or Biff. A lot of them are a reference from Back to the Future. I guess the original developers do like Back to the Future a lot. This morning, I hit an error when running some script saying that “Forklift has not been run”. That is one of the “What the Fork” moment and nobody in my team knows what the Fork is a Forklift (not this forklift, the forklift in our codes). So, hit me with a forklift, please!!


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