Side of the other side


The “good” and “bad” words in this post are based on the society standard.

Gosh.. this is a tough one. I don’t celebrate good times. I celebrate bad times.

I hate birthday party, I hate wedding, and any form of celebration involving a lot of people who are required to interact with each other for a duration of time.

On a smaller scale, I don’t celebrate my own accomplishment either. I don’t eat ice cream for when I get one new follower or 50 likes on a post. I don’t go for buffet dinner when I got a big raise at work. I don’t buy myself an ice cream chocolate cake when I am felling happy out of a sudden.

But in the other hand, I eat a lot of ice cream when I’m down. I go for a vacation when I’m feeling lonely. Or when I got hurt very badly, I go home and watch a lot of movies. That’s my kind of celebration.


And sometimes, I light up a candle and watch it die.

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