Challenge Accepted

Certainly difficult, certainly rare

Cecilia roamed the isle of Cinta

Clear blue sky underneath the clay

Cracks over the clay, cracked sky

Cecilia walked for she doesn’t have wings

Candles melt and form her skin

Cecilia follows the stream

Crocked stream over the skyrim

Cinta stands, surrounded by men

Coasts hurts him like a siren

Cecilia started to sings

Cinta wept

Cinta wants to be special

Clearly Cecilia sings louder

Come a lad from the Huppingfling

Come another from Strupinglome

Crowd covered Cinta’s faith

Cinta breaks apart

Covered in mud, Cinta disappeared

Consumed by the cruel cruel world

Cecilia stop singing

Cecilia lose Cinta


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