Cellar Door

I actually get a post ready because I really wanted to write about something and thought that hopefully that can align with today’s daily prompt topic but unfortunately it doesn’t. So, I posted that earlier and if you are interested, you can check it out at https://pheliorandom.wordpress.com/2013/10/02/shredded-armor/.

So, what is the science behind attractiveness? what makes you choose a book, a song, a love partner or a blog to read? it all has to do with the attractiveness.

First of all, let’s start with the title. Some titles are easily attractive. Of course, attractiveness is a subjective matter, but there are things that people in general will like to know. For example, “Justin Bieber is undergoing  transgender operation”. See, human’s curiosity is the answer here.

Next, the relevancy of a subject. If the content is what I think it is, there is a higher chance of me reading it. The expectation matter. If the content is contradicting the title, I will definitely skip that. But the content is somehow attractive as well, why not? And that brings us to the next point, preferences.

I like drama, sci-fi, comedy and all kind of stuffs in between. I like a lot of things, actually. But I do have a “no-way” list as well. Horror is absolutely a “no-way” thing for me. These are preferences. So, if I pick up a book and it falls under my cup of tea, I will read it.

What’s next? you ask me? curiosity of course. And wanting for more because you are curious. Start with a question (figuratively) that the reader want to know the answer for. Dan Brown like to start with a murder, a mysterious murder with a mysterious artifact and setting by a mysterious murderer. He starts with, not just one, but a hundreds of questions. And that’s what I’m attracted for.

And what is “Cellar Door“? You should watch “Donnie Darco (2001)”. It’s not the only reference, but that’s the first reference for me. But as far as this post can tell you is that

Words are beautiful. Some more than the others.


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