Chapter 7: Lakeside Bottle

Sun had been quickly moving toward the west getting ready to dive into the western sea. Linda has gone back to work but Lydia’s tale seems to be unending. They cooked, and ate repeatedly as if they are going to stay in the kitchen forever.

“Sean” screamed a middle aged man over the front windows.  “Open up!!”

Sean got over the door and opened it, and immediately the man grabbed Sean fully in his embrace. “Miss you so much, buddy!!”

“nice seeing you too, I thought you are in London?” questioned Sean

“Yeah, no.. I’ve been back here for a while. Got a small shop running just around the corner. Come, let’s go for a drink!”

“No, not today. Maybe tomorrow night. I just got here and still very tired.”

“Who is it?” asked Lydia from the kitchen, probably started to prepare for the next meal

“It’s James, mom” answered Sean.

“James. Come on in!” offered Lydia, still in the kitchen.

“Thanks, Mrs Julian. But I can’t stay” says James, then whispered to Sean “I better run”

“Alright, I will call you” promised Sean.

James left. Sean came back to the kitchen to continue to his mother’s long tale. Now that James interrupted, suddenly all the stories were focused to James and his family. That he was married and kids and busy with his computer shop and being unfaithful and stuffs.

“Mom” Sean pressed it out softly in the middle of the dinner when he finally get enough with the updates about things that he doesn’t even care about anymore. The table felt silent for a moment. Linda was quiet, ignoring everything as if she is deaf. Lydia was trying to ignore Sean’s interruption as well for she knew something bad is coming. She just wanted to spend that evening with his son in ignorant. So she tried to go on with her unending tale of Broodytown.

“Mom” interrupted Sean again “I’m going to Mars”.

The table felt dead. His sister now staring at Sean. His mother started to wept silently.

“And I’m not coming back”

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