About Time – Extending the ability

If I have the ability to travel back in time like the one that Tim has in the movie “About Time”, I will use it to the best possible way ever and here are my top 5 ways.

The time travelling ability works this way. The ability user go to a dark place, clench both his hands tightly, close his eyes and start to think of a moment in life you want to go back to. A very nifty ability I should say. But, let’s elaborate a little bit more and I’m going to make it into a bullet points.

  • He can only travel back in time, not to the future.
  • He can only travel to the moments that he’s been through. i.e. only events that happen in his own life. Not somebody else’s.
  • He can travel back to the original time at will.
  • There is no side effects discussed.
  • However, event of the futures will changes and everything will become different if something significant (for example involving another person) changes in the past that he traveled to.
  • He can bring another person along by holding their hands while time travelling.
  • When he arrived at the past, his body and stuffs he wear will turn into the body of that time of the past and the things that he were wearing during that time.
  • His memory doesn’t seems to change at all despite the changes of the timeline. This suggest that he has his own timeline. But he doesn’t seems to get older than the normal person even though he actually lived far more longer than anybody else.

Here comes the top 5 ways I will use it.

#5 Free entertainments / intangible services

Most entertainments involved having a special moment or experiences. Things like reading a book or watching a movie doesn’t really leave you with a tangible object to own. Instead, everything you’ve seen or experienced goes to your memory. Since memory doesn’t fade in time travelling, I can always pay for something, experience it, go back to the time before I pay for anything and go do something else. The money will not be spent, but you’ve actually did something fun.

#4 Immortality

So, I’m not so sure if there is any limit of going back in time. But let’s assume that there is no limit. You can go back in time for as many times as you want to. And, here is the plan, I live up to probably 30 years old, and from that time onward, I will stay in the past. I can go back 5 years or 10 years back and continue my life as it was. Live through the years until I’m back to the time where I traveled back in time, and then, I traveled back another 10 years again. Repeats until infinity. But I just need to make sure that I don’t die accidentally.

#3 Become rich

Oh my, where do I start. With time travelling, you can win lotteries easily. The easiest way to become rich of course. But there are many other ways to become rich. I will choose the hard way. Why not? I am immortal. Time is not a problem for me. I will start a business, start it small, see how it run, and travel back in time now and then to fix the catastrophes that might happen. It’s easy. But at the end, I should probably just go with the lottery.

#2 Become a mad scientist

Human are very limited in time. We often only have just enough time to master one area of the vast collection of knowledge. But without the time constraint, I can always go back in time, learn something new and experiment with it. This will make me a rising star in a night. Now that come to my mind, this is quite similar to travelling into the future. I can bring back all the knowledge from the future, apply it in the past, and let the wheel roll again and the future is a lot more advanced than the original future. This way, I can live to see the space travelling. And who knows what that comes after that.

#1 Have many different lives

Things normally changes drastically once something in the past changes. For example, your wife might ended up marrying somebody else, or your kids turned out to be brown headed instead of blonde. But, that’s alright for me. In one life, I can marry Jane. Travel back in time and I will marry Jackie. And maybe next life I will marry Casandra. In addition to that, I can become anything. I can become a musician in one, a painter in another, or astronaut. But that sounds really dangerous. I should probably stick to the safe sides.

So Tell me, what will you do if you can travel back in time at will?

One thought on “About Time – Extending the ability

  1. Travelling back in time sounds like a lot of fun until you realise that the fluctuating realities, where there is no actual tangible unchanged future to return to, might end up transforming you/me/whomever into someone unable to actually build up meaningful relationships or a worthwhile life. Because… If there’s no end in sight, then nothing really matters. This is the difference between (wo)men and Gods. We are mortal, therefore our life is imbued with meaning, a meaning or multiple ones that we ourselves construct. Gods do not change. They are forever the same. And so bored with their Olympian existence that they take to meddling into human lives just for something to do. So… time travel? I’d probably visit places I would not otherwise have time to visit, learn a few more languages, read more books… But then: if it really matters to me, I’m doing it already 🙂

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