Part 2 Ch. 1: The Rainy Birds

It was a mid April of 2019, I don’t know what season it was anymore over here because it rained everyday and still it was very hot at the same time. I used to call it the Dry Rainy season because it is what it is. The weather is unpredictable, or I should say very predictable because the sun shone bright in the morning and the rain will start to pour in the afternoon, and it happens every single day. Nobody knows when exactly the rain would start pouring and for how long, but it doesn’t matter for me. I love rain.

It was one of those day where I lose my mind and decided to go for a surprise vacation. I surprised myself with a vacation to the Iron city of Berelon. It was one of those big city that survived the global earthquake few years back. And since the earthquake, this city had grown both taller and deeper each day and heavily mechanized as well. I don’t normally go to this kind of places, but I heard that they had a hidden gem in the heart of its fortificationalization.

So I drove up to Berelon and decided to stay there for a couple of days so I can pay the debt of stresses that had been accumulated to the point of eruption. It was around noon when I checked in to the hotel and immediately took a bath, a very long bath.

After the bath, I decided to take a little nap. When I woke up, it was around 2 in the afternoon. I went out for lunch and search out the hidden gem on the internet. It was a zoo kind of thing but filled with birds and they call it a bird park. I was skeptical. In the middle of a city like this? There was no much birds to see even in the wild. That’s probably why they created a zoo for them.

The so called bird park was around 10 minutes drive from the hotel. I should have taken the bus or anything like that, but the transportation system in this city sucks. It still is and forever will be. Unless they invented the teleportation machine really  soon.

I drove into a small left turn in the middle of a highway. From that point onward, everything looked different. I was so surprised by the contrast of the city view and the other view full of trees and life forms. There were rivers, cozy pavements, a wide lake in one side of the road and there were a lot of enclosed natural habitats (zoo like places) for flowers, trees, fishes etc. I stuck to my plan to visit the bird park and nothing else, so I drove pass all of them with amazement.

I parked my car and proceeded to the ticketing counter. Not surprising to me that the ticket is sky-high, or probably higher, Mars-high as people like to call it nowadays. As I entered the first gate that led me into a big cage, there were small yellow colored birds perched on a hanging plate eating nuts. And as I walked out from that cage from the other side, I started to see birds, big birds like peacock and others that I don’t know what they are called. Most of them don’t really fly. They just walked around the park eating the foods that the visitors throw at them.

Half way through the park, the sky got darker and started to rain. I ran into a lake side with a pavilion in it and sat there waiting for the rain to stop, hopefully. The rain got heavier and I noticed that there were these pelican looking birds that stood still under the rain, as if they are rain bathing, or taking a shower perhaps. That amazed me a lot, probably because I was trapped there for an hour and the only thing I could think of were the birds that I saw and the super long book that I’ve been reading for almost a year.

I got bored in the pavilion so I decided to wet it all. I walked under the rain to hopefully stroll through every corner of the park before it closed. There were not many people around except for some couples and also families with little kids under the resting areas. But I didn’t want to stay there for too long because it was getting late. One person particularly caught my attention was this tourist looking man that was also strolling instead of hiding from the rain. I thought westerners hated rain. But he soon disappeared into another path that I’ve just came from.

End of the bird sighting in the rain, I got out from that place soaking wet. It was still raining when I drove my car out of the parking lot. Half way out from that zoo complex , I saw that tourist looking man again walking in the sidewalk. The rain was getting heavier and he is now wet from head to toe. So I stopped next to him and roll down my car’s passenger window.

“Need a ride?” I tried to scream as loud as possible over the loud rainfall but he didn’t hear me so I honked a short horn.

“Do you need  a ride?” I repeated as he stopped and bent over the car’s window.

“I beg your pardon?” He asked politely probably thinking that I’d lost my way.

“Come on in” I said “Let me give you a ride out!”

“Ow, thank you. That’s very nice of you” said him as he entered the vehicle trying not to splash everywhere. He was a typical western looking guy with dark blue eyes, wide lips, dark brown hair and a face full of that. He was wearing a baseball cap with a NASA logo on it, white T-shirt and a pair of short cargo pants which were all wet now.

I offered him my towel saying “If you don’t mind”

“Thanks” taking the towel and started to dry himself. He introduced himself “I’m Sean, by the way. Sean Julian”

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