I’m only good at being young

I think that in any professions nowadays, Internet is a big part of it. From my standpoint as a software developer, Internet is a very crucial part of my daily life. I like open source stuffs. They are free therefore people is more likely to use them, the more people using them, the more questions are generated, and in turns, the more questions are asked, the more answers will be given. And one of the many reason many of us prefer open source tools is because the answers are easily Google-able.

Interestingly, the last thing I googled wasn’t IT related. Nothing to do with my profession at all. I was searching for “How to avoid hair loss?”

Now I’m wondering, do you prefer me telling you what I found on Google? or you prefer me to tell you why do I have that question to start with?

Let’s assume that I’m a very interesting guy and you love me so much that you will just read whatever crap that I will write. So, here we go.

This evening after work, I decided to get a haircut. It was my greatest regret of the day. I wanted to keep a longer hair, but I also like to get my hair cut. And I thought to myself that I will just get it cut a little bit to feel that sense of getting a hair cut. If you are an expert of getting your hair cut, you will know what I mean by the differences between our perspective vs the hairdresser perspective.


So the hairdresser started to chop down my hair and I just sat there quietly because that is what I always do, letting it be and wish for the best. A few seconds later, he said “you are getting bold”. I was surprised because the common complaint of my hairdressers is that my hair is too thick and straight like a tree bark. But he made a point that evening saying that the top part of my head has lesser hair compared to the side and the back.

Well, he got me worried. My father’s hair is very thin and the top middle part of it is almost bold. But I’ve also read somewhere that the boldness genes doesn’t come from the father’s, but from the mother’s. All of my mother’s brothers has a huge thick hair. None of them had shown any boldness, but most of them grey out at a very early age.  So, I was half worried and half optimistic about it. But I googled about it anyway.

“Prevention is better than cure” (Somebody)

What I’ve found is neither good or bad. Most of them are saying that it needs to be taken care of from both inside (dietary) and outside. And it also said that if you are genetically programmed to be bold, there is nothing much you can do about it. If you are interested to know more on how to avoid boldness, let me Google that for you.


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