You’ve got a new PINGBACK!!

A totally uninteresting news for anyone out there who has been writing from the daily prompt from the beginning of time. I mean, why are you doing that? It’s not that you are interested in my post, or my post has anything to do with yours. I’m writing about “life sucks” while you are talking about “Falling in love”. We are not talking the same sh*t, but yet you send me a pingback request. WTF?

So I figured that most of the writers/bloggers out there (including me) are just too lazy to read any of the posts listed on the main Daily Prompt pingback list, and just copy pasted the top I don’t know how many posts on that list. Please stop doing that. I know that it is a very cheap way to get your blog connected with others, but don’t force the connection. When it’s not there, it’s not there.

You can’t play on broken strings
You can’t feel anything
That your heart don’t want to feel
I can’t tell you something that ain’t real

(Broken String – James Morrison)

But seriously though, I will gratefully accept your pingback if your posts really have a connection to mine. Otherwise, F***off!!

3 responses to “You’ve got a new PINGBACK!!

  • angloswiss

    Just to inform, it might be the mass involvement in daily prompt that just does a copy paste and moves on leaving a trail of pingbacks, but some of us do not. Time allowing (I mean if I have over one hundred pingbacks in my morning session, it might be that the last 20 or 30 are left out) I do actually visit as many of my fellow sufferer prompts and sometimes even comment. I read them, I click a like if I find it necessary and do not judge everyone on the same level. Without the others, my prompt would remain alone in a desert of other contributions. I don’t do falling in love at my age, and I avoid too personal stuff, but I write because I like writing. so let us continue with our daily contributions and not judge the others to hard. I have visited yours often, you have probably collected pingbacks from me, but undaunted I carry on. Happy posting and pingbacking

    • Phelios Cyros

      I find the need to apologize for this post. Most of my posts are not meant to be judgmental, but rather as an honest expression. And sometimes that expression can be wrongly done and it ended up as an offense. But I will leave it as it is because that’s part of defining who I am. But mostly because I’m too lazy to fix stuffs.

      And thank you for reading.

  • angloswiss

    No problem, nobody’s perfect and I dread to think what my ironic remarks might have as an effect on an unsuspecting viewer. Keep blogging and time permitting I will be pinging away, and taking a look at your writing. Have fun

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