The things that I seek

“I don’t really like my family”. That statement should answer the question about what kind of person do I love. I don’t like them because they are just like me. I am just like them, and I don’t like that.

People that I love are normally different from me. I like people who fight back because I’m a type of person who doesn’t know how to fight for myself. I like people who is full of beautiful stories because I don’t know how to tell a story nicely. I like people who lay back and relax because I’m am full of anxiety. I like people who reach out for me because I’m the type of person who wait.

Now that I think about it, I think I hate every single piece of me. That’s also the reason why I like people that is different from me. But I think I need to learn to love myself. And I’m gonna make a list of things that I love about me.

I love my introversion. The fact that I hate everybody around me makes me feel special. And I love it when I said “no” to all those nonsense social interactions that are deemed to be important for someone’s life.

I love my eagerness to be different from everybody else. I choose my own way of living even though it’s totally opposite of what is considered as the optimal way of living.

I love my depressed thought. The emptiness that fill me makes me full. It makes me sensitive to life and became alive.

I love my laziness. It makes my pass through this busy world easier and swifter. Doing nothing can make time fly faster sometimes.

I love my aging body. The pains make me feel human. The decreasing productivity get me ready for death.


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