I can’t touch you

I’m so out of place right now that I decided to write a song about it.

I don’t know how you’re feeling

but this is what I think

that you are so far away from me

but yet you are so near


I don’t know what you’re doing

but I’m sure it’s not for me

there is a glass wall between you and me


I just can’t touch you

There is no distance

but this wall is blocking everything I love from me

and I swear I tried and the world will not hear me

I can only watch you from this near

I can’t touch you


A glass cage in the dungeon sealed and so strong

Within my doomed faith I sit in silent

silent is what I seek for the rage within me

roars breaking everything but the glass between you and me


I will hold you, lift you, bury you in me

and I try to break free as if that I could

all my strength are silenced by your mystery

and I want to hold you free

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