The year ahead of me

In my previous post I’ve discussed about my unfinished goals for this year. But in this post, I will plan for my goals for 2014.

It’s funny that “Writing a book” is not one of my goal for this year but yet I’ve written almost half a book. I’ve a story that I’ve been working on for quite a long time which I’ve just scripted into many blog posts but yet to finalize it. I am stuck in one point of the story where I don’t know what would happen and I don’t know when can that vision be fulfilled.

Write 2 books (mini books or whatsoever)

So, I’ve make my first goal to finish that one book that I’ve not finished yet and in addition to that, I am going to write another one to complete the challenge. Well, you got to push yourself to the limit to taste the greatness in you.

The first one is a very drama kind of story in which I can explore more on my inner soul and portray them into different characters and then I can look at them from top. Since I divided my soul into multiple characters, they ended up to be incomplete. So, I explore the souls of the important peoples around me and fill the characters up with them. It has been good so far in terms of exploration. But I think I’m lacking the liveliness of these characters and that’s where I would like to improve on the next iteration.

The second book will be a science fiction exploration and which I want to portray human being as a very environmental aware. It’s like saying that animals with technologies but still maintaining they wilderness. Stay tuned for that because I have not finalized the story line yet.

So, what I want to achieve for this goal is that I will have 2 books ready by the end of 2014. Ready as in completely written and published online.

Record an Album

I’ve always wanted to write songs and record them down. I think it’s time to give a deadline to it. I still lack some equipment and also skills in which I will try to achieve as much as possible and will start the full project by the start of July 2014. Wish me luck!!

This list will definitely grow as we enter 2014. But for now, I will leave this 2 as my primary goals for next year and let’s see how it goes. Now I fell like creating a new Trello board to track my goals.


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