Unfinished business of the year

It has been a great year so far. I’ve managed to accomplish some big goals of myself including learning how to drive and getting a car.

To my own surprise, I’ve not thought of making a new goals for next year yet. Not that I’m used to making goals every year, but I like the idea of having goals.

Before we go to the next topic, let’s talk about goals that I’ve yet to achieve for this year. Some of them are really out of the topic already because it’s too late too start and too late to accomplish as well. So this is will like the intervention session between me and my written self.

Learn Tai Chi

My father practice Tai Chi and I like it as well even though I’ve never successfully learned it. Early of this year I went back to my hometown to visit my parents and that’s also when I started to make goals for this year. One of it being Tai Chi. The reason why I want to learn Tai Chi because it is really discipline and good for health. And I want to do some light exercise that is not only for the physical body but also the spiritual part. My options was either Tai Chi or Yoga. Yoga being more challenging because you really need a strong physical strength to perform some poses. Though I put both of them in the goals and I’ve achieved none of them, I feel more guilty for not learning Tai Chi more than Yoga.

Knowing Thy Self

I signed up for this course in Coursera about knowing myself or Know Thyself which looks like has been removed from the site. It was about ancient philosophies mostly focused on human thoughts. So it’s like learning psychology through philosophy. On every class, the lecturer will instruct us to meditate for about 5 minutes. And after that 5 minutes meditation, I felt so relaxed to the point that I fall a sleep in the middle of the class. Too bad for me I stopped half way and didn’t finish it yet. But I will extend this to my next year’s goal.

Music Education

I also signed up for a couple of music course like song writing and music productions which I didn’t finish any of them. I would like to complete them as well when I’ve got the mood for that.

Learning French

I started this one quite late in the year, probably about 2 months ago. I started to want to learn this because I’ve felt in love in a couple of French movies. And from that point, I’ve abandoned my love to Spanish and switch to French. I’m learning this through Duolingo which is awesome and I’m still learning it. So, hope that I can achieve this by the end of next year.

That’s pretty much what I’ve not done for this year. For the next post, I’ll be discussing about my next year’s plan, with my “Written” self again of course.

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