Part 2 ch. 3: Ajar

I dropped Sean off in front of the Fullhouse hostel and then drove back to my hotel room to clean up. The rain has slowed down to drizzling, but hadn’t completely stop yet. When I got to my room, the sky outside has turn into bright reddish blue, hinting the start of a sunset and the stopping of the rain. I immediately took off my now almost dried wet clothes and jumped into a hot shower.

I put on my relaxing outfit, a white plain t-shirt and a pair of shorts that I wear to sleep sometimes when I’m too lazy to change into a pajamas. And then I texted Sean checking if he’s ready.

“Are you ready?” I asked

“Still queuing for the bathroom. Will take a little longer” replied Sean.

“Come and use my bathroom”

“Nah, it’s OK. It’s almost my turn now. Give me 15 minutes”

I was thinking what to do in that 15 minutes of time that I had. And also I was trying to test how accurate is Sean’s 15 minutes. The perception of time of every individual is different. So I started the stopwatch on my mobile and see how long will it take for Sean to reply back. But I felt asleep almost immediately.

I was waken up by my mobile phone’s ringing. It was Sean sending me a message saying that he was ready. So I texted him back saying that I was not going to drive, and that we should meet halfway. I notice the stopwatch indicator on my mobile display and it’s been only 12 minutes. So I got my stuffs and set out to the street.

When I got to the hotel’s lobby, Sean was already there standing just next to the glass doors but on the out side.

“You walk fast” I said

“I’m well trained. You will be the same if you’ve traveled a lot. Spent a lot of time walking” replied Sean

So we started walking. The sky is still visibly bright, but it’s getting redder at one side, and dark bluish in another side. Sean wanted to take some pictures so we walked to the garden. It was my first time to that garden. The garden itself is big, but the lake is tiny. From the nearest entrance from the hotel, the first thing we saw was the lake. It was the size of a private swimming pool and it was filled with brown muddy water. I didn’t see any river stream coming in or out, so I guess it’s probably a dead pool.

But the surrounding was beautiful. It was filled with flowering plants and short trees in both sides of the narrow path. Nothing grows taller than my height. Looking away from the garden, I got the feeling of a mixed era, between the modernized skyscrapers with the silent field of green. The sun could be spotted shining red from the gaps between the buildings or from the reflections of the buildings from the other side. It was surprisingly beautiful. I have to admit that it was beautiful. But I wished that the buildings weren’t there. It would be a totally different scenery.

When we got out from the garden, the sky had turned gray. We decided to try out some famous local cuisines, but they are normally crowded with people. We ended up at the ripoff version of the famous spicy noodle shop which is just next to the original spicy noodle shop but with a lot less customers. It was “amazing” according to Sean, but it didn’t work for me. “I’ve tried a much better ones” complaint I.

It was still very early when we are done with our noodles. So we went to the night market. The night market was a relief for me. I didn’t enjoy the spicy noodle at all, but the night market was filled with delicious foods that just lit up my mood again. Now and then I told Sean a little background story about the food that we were eating.

“So, what is your story?” asked Sean, catching me out off guard.

“Wow, where is that coming from? I didn’t expect that question at all” complaint I.

Sean laughed a little and said “You are really frank. Most people I asked will hide their feeling of surprise even though I’m sure they freaked out”

“You always ask this kind of question this way?”

“I don’t want people to make up their story too much. The best stories are those that are spontaneous. I think you have a great story that you are hiding.” Sean finished his words with a wink with his left eye.

“Alright, I’m done with all the eating here. Let’s find a place where we can sit down and drink, and maybe I will tell you my true story when I’m drunk” I winked back with my left eye.



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