A bored post

Have I ever written anything on this blog just because I’m bored and have nothing else to do? Well, I’m too bored and lazy to run a search, so bear with me if this is probably just another repetitive post.

I guess I’ve broken another personal record of mine, “Longest time without a new post” record, or should I say “Award”?

But it doesn’t matter, really. I won’t be writing much anymore. I got bored with the daily prompts, my short story get stuck in the story line in which I know how it should start, how it should end, but I really don’t know how they get from the start to the end.

I was thinking of starting a new blog where I can review movies, but I got bored half way thinking about it. I guess my depression has kicked back again in which I’ve lost most of my life interests other than my job because I won’t get paid if I don’t show up and also it really can help me get through the time very quickly, so I don’t think much about my depression.

Yet, another pointless post of mine. And wish you all a late Happy New Year 2014.


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