Who was it?

Tough question for a Saturday morning. I almost didn’t leave home today, but I figured that I need to go get some food to stay alive, so I went out for breakfast.

I would have said that the first person that I encountered today is one of my housemate. I live with two other guys in the same apartment, but oddly enough we don’t see each other much. I didn’t see either of them until dinner tonight. Now that I think about it, I’ve not seen my other housemate at all. But I’m sure he’s still alive because there was somebody in the shower this afternoon.

When I woke up this morning and getting ready for brunch, one of my housemate already left for work, and another one is still in his room, so neither of them are lucky today.

Then I drove to a coffee shop for breakfast. So, the first person I’ve encountered today was the waiter at the coffee shop.

This is a coffee shop near where I live which do a self service kind of thing. I went alone so I thought I would go to the counter straight away to make my order, but at that very moment, there was a girl customer who took away the 2 remaining breakfast menus from the counter to her table. They normally have that breakfast menu on each table, but I don’t know what happened today.

I was too shy to ask for the breakfast menu from the cashier so I just go and sit on one of the empty table and start looking at the menu. I knew what I wanted so it took me 1 minute to fill up the order chit and head back to the counter.

The cashier asked me where was I sitting, they always ask the same question because they will need to give me a number plate in which the servers know where to send the food to when they are ready. They cluster the restaurant into outside, inside or the other side. And knowing where I sit will help the servers find the customer faster. Well, it isn’t a fully self served restaurant.

I was sitting inside, so he gave me an S plate with a number I don’t remember anymore. And now that I remember his name was Peter. He has this name plate on his shirt. Blood red shirt, which is different from other waiters that wear some color that I don’t know how to describe. I think he’s a manager or something. I dine in this restaurant quite often and he’s been there for years.

He then reconfirmed my order and tell me the amount of money I needed to pay. I had a lot of one Ringgit notes so I paid with those notes to thin out my wallet. But I didn’t give him the exact amount so he had to give me some coins back. We don’t do tipping here so I didn’t tip him. But they charged service tax, so it counts anyway.

Peter the shop manager is the lucky person today. Congratulation Peter. If you’re reading this, I want to thank you for being the first person I’ve encountered today and being a very excellent person.


One response to “Who was it?

  • heysugarsugar

    fascinating! that was a great post I was totally with you in the coffee shop then…I also own a coffee shop in Wales and I will let you into a secret..those menus walk off tables on their own..they vanish from the counter, its a mystery in life the disappearing menus saga! I kid you not:) great post. Ceri x

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