An excuse for a vacation

Interesting choice” said a woman voice waking me up from a  horrible dream and suddenly I realized that I wasn’t in my bedroom anymore. It was a bright room with colorfully painted wall and the woman was sitting on a chair next to my bed. I couldn’t see the woman very clearly because I didn’t have my eyeglasses on. But I can make out the blurred image of a woman in a long red suit. I was still shocked and couldn’t move, but my eyes were wide open facing the woman’s direction.

I tried hard to bring back the last memory I had. I remembered I was getting ready for sleep and flipped around for at least half an hour trying to fall asleep. I didn’t remember how I felt asleep. I never do. That was the last thing I remembered.

Now I realized that I must be dreaming. But I’d just waken up from a strange dream. But what was that? maybe I wasn’t dreaming at all.

“Now wake up and follow me!” commanded the woman gently. This strange woman sounds very friendly but scary at the same time. I wanted to ask why am I here but I was too afraid to do so. I stood up and follow her without saying anything, still deep in my thoughts of trying to fathom this oddity.

I soon realized that I was still on my pajamas, long sleeve t-shirt and a pair of long pants with no shoes on. We walked thought a cold long corridor and make a soft turn into a room full of packages. The woman took one of the package and ask me to put it on. It was a parachute pack and I put it on.

The woman then helped me fix up the parachute pack and also put a small box into the pack.

“Ready?” she asked

I didn’t answer her but she didn’t care. She pushed a button on the wall and a door was opened. The air rushed in and I saw clouds and blue sky outside that door. We were on a plane.

I walked to the door knowing what the woman would have wanted me to do. I surprised myself that one time for being so obedient. I didn’t fight back at all.

“Pull this string whenever you are ready. Don’t wait too long to pull it” whispered the woman from the back of my ear while putting the cord on my hand. I grasped it.

I jumped, first because I hated that woman’s voice that was so gentle but piercing at the same time, and second because I wanted to end all this and wake up to reality, if only it was a dream.

The air pushed me around and I was disoriented immediately. I’ve never skydived in my live before and suddenly I feel fear crawling into my skin. Was I falling? or was I being pushed up by anti-gravity? “I’m going to die” I said to myself and suddenly I was smiling. It felt so right. Everything felt so right.

A few seconds later, I made up my mind and focused. I started to see the ground, an Island next to a wild sea. I pulled the cord and the parachute pulled my up a little. Another few seconds later, I landed and I lied on the beach staring at the cloudy grey sky. “What have I chosen? where am I? what is happening?” I thought to myself.

I sat up and look at my surrounding and find no one there. “This is a dream comes true” I thought again. I ran into the forest and screamed “I’m finally free!!!”


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