Turning into it

I’m turning into 26 years old this year. Though it’s another 11 months before my birthday, well, it’s what we have to write about today.

Other than my birthday, I don’t know what else this number can be for me. So, let’s talk about my mid 20s life.

I’m a quarter century old now. Thinking about it make me … I don’t know how it makes me feel. I’ve not really thought about it yet. But I do have some ideas on how age got to do with my life. The numbered year though is just an illusion, it set an imaginary boundary that makes us think of it as a new domain to explore. Every single new year is a new universe.

Recently I’ve started to think about themes of each year in my life. But memory is a very unreliable source to gather data from, so I don’t have enough data to start with. But, I’ve sensed the theme for this year.

Let’s get back to the previous years and look back to these unreliable data to do some analysis. As far as I can think back, it was the year of 2012 where I’ve drawn a tons of eyes. I think that is the theme for that year, the “observation” year. 2012 was the year where I watched through these eyes that I’ve drawn and observed my life and the everything evolving around it. Though I’m not the center of the universe, I’m the center of my existence.

2013 was the year where I got back my self confident. I got a new job and it was great. I made new friends, good friends and discovered a lot about my mental state. I think the year 2013 is the year of “Bravery”. I set out into so many different new things and discovered life. Though the discovering is still going on and I’ve not yet to find myself in peace, let’s set a closure to it and leave it for 103.

The 2014 is the year ahead of me. I’ve set a theme for this year to be  “Rebellious”. I’m tired of being a “yes” man and ended up in many situations that I hate. I want to be a man of my own conduct and able to say no to things that I hate to do even though it’s against all social and cultural laws. Wish me luck!!


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