What is cooking??

A couple of questions to talk about today, but I’m not sure if I should split them into different posts or just cram them into this one? It doesn’t matter, let’s start cooking!

First, why is the Daily Prompt not showing up in  my Reader anymore? The only thing I notice has changed is the poster. Some permission issue?

Second, let’s talk about my kitchen. The interesting thing about my kitchen is that I don’t have a kitchen. Or, I do have one but I don’t use it to cook anything anymore. It’s a room with a gas stove, a fridge and lot’s of unused … stuffs. So, let’s not talk about my kitchen, if you may. Let’t talk about photography. One thing that I can’t take photo without is my Canon EOS 1100D. I sent it for service few days ago because it has fungi growing all over the lenses and it has dark spots on every images I took. It will only return in 7 to 10 days. I hope that I can get it back before I leave for Melbourne. Oh yeah, I’m going to Melbourne!! Let’s talk about it in another post later.

Back to the camera, I decided to go to the beach for the sunset today without it. I have some other cameras on my phone (Nexus 4) and iPod Touch. In fact, I have 4 of them with me, 2 on each device, front and rear. But they are not as manual as my Canon. I ended up taking a lot of picture with my phone and sad because I didn’t have my Canon with me. All I was doing was “I wan’t to try this x ISO y Shutter Speed and z Aperture on this angle.. Oops, no manual setting on my phone.”


Last one, a self realization. I noticed how much I’ve been writing for the past few years and realized that I have a very cute pattern. I love to create stuffs, like writing a new postaday post, a short stories, facebook posts and twitters, posting pictures to Tumblr. But one thing I realized that I don’t interact much with others. People interact with me when they see my posts. You comment, ask questions, like etc. But what I do is just reading and pretend that I didn’t read it.

This doesn’t only apply to my social life, but also my real life. I am very passive in relationships. I wait for people to talk to me and interact with me but I’ve rarely started a conversation before. Now that that’s one thing about me and one thing about being me. Should I change or should I be proud of it? it doesn’t really matter anyway.

It’s Monday again tomorrow!! Wish you a happy week ahead.

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