Hit hard

Short story: I sent my Canon Camera for service because it got some fungus growing inside the lens and it cost me RM 400 which is about 120 USD or 1.5 million Rupiah which also is equivalent to 2 weeks worth of meals.

Full Story:

My camera lens has been infected by fungus that grow between the glasses which is impossible to clean without dissembling it. So I Googled around looking for easy solution. There are a lot of ways to clean it myself, but there are just too many small parts in the lens that I’m afraid I’m gonna break it more than fixing it.

And then I Googled around for the estimated price to clean it if I sent it to the official service center. People are talking about the price of RM 120 to 150. So I thought it was alright, still bearable.

So I decided to bring it to the official Service Center. When I brought it in, the receptionist told me that there is a minimum charge of Rm 85, which is so much better than expected. Just that I was too stupid to understand that the term “minimum charge” can mean the 10% of the actual cost.

I happily handed the camera with the lens in (because apparently the camera sensor has some dirt as well) and left while waiting for the men at the back to show me some mercies.

Few days later (today), I received 2 SMSes from the Service Center quoting the charges. The first SMS was for the camera body and it only costs RM50. I was so happy to see this figure, but the real world cruelty crushed in a few seconds later with the second quotation for the lens cleaning and it stated RM 346.

Well, I hesitated and thinking about cleaning it myself, but arghhh.. the horror!!


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