It’s time to complain (Again)

There is a time for everything, and it’s time to complain again.

I spent my mom’s whole life’s saving on a Computer Science Degree. She was in her 50s when I started my degree. I is equal to probably 40 years worth of saving or more counting that she’s started working since very little. It paid out very well because I’ve been earning quite a good money after graduation and I sent her a small chunk of my salary to her every month.

Of course I wish that I’ve not taken her money for that college degree and also I wish that I’ve taken a Music degree instead. First is because I feel very guilty now and money doesn’t fix that guilt. I feel guilty for living this good while my parents are not getting the best out of what they’ve invested, their life. Second is because I really love music from the beginning of my consciousness. Even now, I’ve been collecting musical instruments and teaching myself to play them. And also that I’ve chosen Computer Science because I was naturally good at it rather than because I love doing it.

I’ve always have the fantasy where I don’t have to work 8 hours a day but still get paid really well, I will pursue that musical career. I dream that one day I wrote a bestseller and that the royalty just fly every months that is more than enough to feed my entire family luxuriously so that I can also afford to get a degree in music.

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