The Crazy Next 24 hours

It’s confirmed that I will be going to Melbourne tomorrow for a week. It’s 11pm now and my flight is in less than 12 hours and I will be flying for 8 hours.

There are just so much to talk about for this week despite the busyness. Yet I don’t know where to start.

Let’s start with some complaints. The world is a pool of discriminators. Whenever you are, as long as there are groups of people, collection, establishment, whatever that set a boundary from one group of human beings to another being, there will be discrimination. Sadly, discrimination is part of a society and human will never survive without a society.

A group of lunch buddy is probably the simplest form of it. Starting from school era, we’ve been practicing “clubs”. Lunch clubs especially, the people that shares the same classes or stuffs that allow them to have lunch together and still have bunch of things to say, is a form of discrimination. We pick our lunch mates, we ignore others.

In a bigger scale, it’s so unfair that one is treated so differently from another just because he happen to be born in another country, a bigger boundary of human being. It’s so sad to see that one can get a Visa granted almost immediately (an hour) while the other has to wait for 2-4 weeks. I’m glad that my Visa granting was really swift (2 working days) and I’m grateful of it. But it’s sad to realize that we can’t run away from discrimination no matter how hard we try.

Next, is the crazy things that is happening so fast after that. Flights booked, hotel arranged, transportation and stuffs. FYI, it’s a business trip, so the company is doing most of the administration works. And here comes the big questions, what would I be doing there?

It was a busy week. Work was busy, outside of work was also busy with activities. And the trip is near. I’ve read as much as possible about Melbourne to at least cover up my first 2 days over there. And here comes the next craziest thing, the Melbourne White Night!!!

Foo Yoh!! what a coincident. White Night will be happening on 22 Feb 2014 from 7pm to 7am the next day. I am estimating to arrive at the hotel at around 10pm Melbourne time, and White Night is something I shouldn’t miss.

And here goes my crazy next 24 hours. And it involves a lot of sleeping and waiting as well. See you from the South-er part of the Earth.


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