Melbourne day 1.5: Appropriate appolgies

I’m so sorry about the rush post last night. There is no excuses, what is done will be done. But what we will do next is the thing that matter. So I’m writing this to make matters matter.

The truth is that my travel mate is still getting ready and I’ve nothing better to do, the negative way of saying it. On the other hand, I’m glad that I’ve got some time to write.


Writing is one of the objective I set my myself to do when I’m in Melbourne. Writing in this cozy city is amazingly good.

The sad thing about Melbourne is that it’s a city. And the sad thing about cities is that they all feel like the same thing. The buildings, the roads, the cars and busses.

However, there are tons of things that make me keep smiling despite the boring city scene. The first thing I notice was the cool air that blows during this time of the year. The fact that it’s so near to the south pole makes me giggle. Having such a big city in a place like this is magical for me. I’ve always like cool weather. I visit Malaysia’s highlands like Cameron Highland to experience this feeling. Something that we don’t get to feel everyday.

Next one is the people here. They are so lively over here. Maybe it’s because of the White Night that was happening last night, people were hanging out on the road. That’s another thing that we don’t see much in KL. We mostly hide inside our houses or shopping mall, but we hates the road.

Next will be the landmarks and the parks. We see statues in the middle of the road, parks with very soft grasses, modern buildings and high rises that kind of ruin the whole thing at the same time contributing to the magicality. It’s really sad to see a Mediterranean looking building next to a very broad road. I wished so much that that awesome building is in the middle of a nowhere.

I feel better now. It feels like I’ve paid up my car loan installment for today. And I’m excited for my next installment. But hmmm.. My travel mate is not ready yet. What should I do now?

I guess I’ve said enough. See you again soon.

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