Melbourne Day 1: Holy cow it’s cold!!

Wake up, awesome public transport to the KLIA (Malaysia Airport) breakfast blah blah blah.. Let’s skip all that, but one detail.

My friend who’s traveling with me got stuck when checking because… wait for it… the visa has her first name and last name switched. Another reason for me to remember the song imagine (John Lennon).

Reapply visa, twice, blah blah blah.. Got to the boarding gate exactly 20 minutes before departure. The gate wasn’t close yet, so there goes my morning.

I’m in a rush to post this out because its 4.30 in the morning already (local time).

On the flight for 8 hours, landing, immigration blah blah blah.

The moment we got to the outside, the cold air of 16 degree Celsius blew in. It was an awesome feeling. Normally in my home country, we only get this kind of weather on some remote area on a high land. But looking at the whole city, a whole big freaking city having this kind of coolness is just awesome.

Alright.. See you tomorrow.

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