Melbourne day 3: breath

Looks like things has getting boring here. Not Melbourne, but this blog. It’s another day of not knowing what to write. This is not a travel blog. This is a … I don’t know what it is.


Well, Melbourne is starting to get boring as well. I’m excited to start working again. The office here is great. The people are great. Everything is awesome. But the place is just, again, a city place.

We went to the Chapel st for dinner tonight. It was an awesome place filled with nice looking early European building. But there is a wide street on it. It ruins everything.

But I think I’m enjoying this. I’ve just got back from the awesomely cold beach with tiny penguins in it. Not many of them and it was dark. I enjoyed the walk alone. I enjoyed the wind. And now I’m waiting for the tram to go back to my hotel. And I think I’ll be content enough if I do this kind of things one a month. Like going to the beach, hiking, traveling.

So, what am I complaining about?

Here comes my tram. See you another day.


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