Melbourne day 4: story time

It’s kind of funny when traffic lights actually make sounds. “Tik tik tik” it says. And sometimes a quick pace of “tik tok tik tok” rushing people to cross the road. Just like a fairytale where a writer trying to describe the sounds of the trees and the sea.

Everyday is a different day. Today started with a cold sleepy morning. Coffee would not help. But the afternoon was hot. But it was still windy and nice to walk in. I was glad that I don’t have to wear my jacket on the road.


Comes the night time and it was kinda cool. Still the same city, but with more awareness and gratefulness. There are giant dandelion petal flying everywhere. The extra cool air blowing as we had our Indian food next to the Commercial rd. I shivered, so I put on my jacket on top of already double layered t-shirts.

As the sun set, and the city lights sprung alive again, I set up to the town where big columned buildings are plenty. The state library, the  parliament building, the fancy Gothic church. And I found myself in another tram station again, looking for the way back.

“Spare a change?” He asked when I was in the central station. Nobody gave him a cent, so he started screaming. About his shitty day, about life.

Now it makes me wonder as I write this on the tram, did I miss my stop?

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