Melbourne day 5: Another person’s shoes

It’s only after you walked in someone else’s shoes only you will understand how it feels to be that person. And it’s totally true. Being lived in tropical country for all my life make me love the rain and hate the sun. But being in the cool time of Melbourne make me run away from the rain and love the sun shine so much. Oh how much I miss the sun right now.

Another thing that I miss is the curry. I had curry almost everyday back in Malaysia. But we don’t see that much here. And this afternoon my Indian colleague was having a rice with curry, and it looks yummmmmmmy!!!


Supposed that the night market is a fun, everybody have to go place on Wednesday because everything technically closed on weekday except this night market that open till late every Wednesday.

Now that I’m writing this while enjoying random strangers dancing salsa around me, with a sangrita or something (lemonade with white wine) and a paper plate full of chicken wing. Awesome!!!

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