Melbourne day 6: Colors

The reason I hate law is because it doesn’t make sense. But being in a country where laws actually make sense makes me happy. There is no crappy reasons for not having bacons because the majority is Muslim so that they can call us racist when we go to places that sell pork.

There are colors of hairs, black, brown, orangy, blond, chocolaty, many…

There are colors of the sea, the sky , the sun and the beach. Blue, yellow, another yellow and another blue. And the green grass and the gray road.

Then comes the color of the night, black, gray and yellowish tungsten lights on buildings. White, pink, goldish and purple.


So this is how it feels to be heated under the burning coals on the ceiling in the cold windy night. As people are dinning and talking while I’m writing to some unknown readers.

It feels lonely and creepy, but also it smells of freedom and creativity. The color of live sparked out from nowhere and made the biggest crap out of it. The color of Melbourne in the cool summer night.


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