Melbourne day 7: kicking in

It’s so much easier to write good fictions than true story that matter. But it’s probably not true.


Today marks my last day at Melbourne office, but we’ve got two more days before our flight home. I’ve already started to miss the people there. It feels so much more lively and fun than the guys back home. Well, it’s my kind of being alive and fun at least.

Around 4.30 just now the team just got into the fun mode. Some got to get some beer. Some just continuing whatever they were doing. The most interesting this is the robot tournament. “What? You guys have a robot tournaments? I cannot miss that!!!” I said. It turned out to be a computer games kind of robot tournament where everybody code their AI robot to fight with each other.

It was amazing to see that these kinds of stuffs happened instead of the Foosball, pool or table tennis in our KL office. They are true sports and good for health, but that is just not the kind of fun I’m looking for.

It’s funny how spending money can change our mood upside down. I finally able to just go to a shoe store and pick on designs without worrying that they don’t have the size I need. It’s really hard for me to find shoes in KL. The people there are smaller in size. Being a bigger than their normal makes me feels like a giant troll. Oh.. Another form of discrimination.

Alright. Tomorrow is going to be another crazy day. My day will start in less than 6 hours and I’m still don’t have enough sleep yet. Until next time, then.


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