Melbourne day 8: full speed ahead

Saturday morning is a bliss. Who would have thought that I’ll be having breakfast under the burning sun. It got pretty hot in no time and I have to use my hoodie as a shield to prevent my face from bursting into fire.

That was in Queen Victoria market, which is full of live. There was a Flamenco band playing lovely songs that bring every cells in my body dancing in joy. It was beautiful.

Next was the mission to find a few more pairs of shoes. What a bad luck that I didn’t find any. Tomorrow has to fly back to KL and my heart is sinking.

The last stop of the day was to the Southgate where we thought we were going to drink some wine but we were a little too late. However, It was
totally not a wasted effort because the river bank was filled with live performances. Musicians, painters, balloon twisters, and magicians. The street was full of love under the setting sun. Lovely.

Melbourne, oh what a lively city. I’m not sure if it’s because of the city itself or because of the people I’m traveling with that make it lively.

At the end, this just reminds me that there are just so many more things to explore out there. “Where would I know where I’m going if I don’t know where I’ve been?” And there are just so many other places that I’ve not been yet. So hang on there 3 Doors Down, I’m getting there.


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