Melbourne last day: no regret

Morning shopping errand was a rush. It’s funny when we finally got choices, it become harder to choose. The more choices we get, the more regrets we are going to have. Sad but true, I’ve already regretting buying the blue New Balance shoes. I wished that I have chosen another one, because I could have. It will be totally a different story if it was the only option.

I figured that my hands get itchy a lot. It’s probably because all the touching I’ve been doing when shopping. But I have another theory. It’s cool down here and I don’t really sweat. But my body need to push out all the toxic anyway. And the only way out is through hands and feet. And that’s why all the sweaty palm and itchiness come from.

Last day huh.. Flying back in few hours. I can’t say that I don’t miss KL. I miss my car, I miss my computer. But I am really going to hate the weather there. It’s always hot and humid. And I think the depression is kicking in, even before I left Melbourne.

Everything that has a beginner will end in one way or another. But I would have wished that the ending doesn’t come this fast. I wish that it lasted until I started to hate it and it’s time to move on. But hey, who knows one day I will move here and settle down. And become grumpy old Australian.

I bet this is it. Hopefully there is no more fancy stories at the airport later. What a week full of cheerful posts. I bet I will be back with my depressing posts after this. Stay tuned if you want some more weird immigration stories ahead.

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