I figured if I would to write a story about today’s prompt “Zoltar’s Revenge”, it would probably be at least 10 pages long. There are too many things to talk about. The waking up early in the morning, the bike ride to school, the 2pm extra class, the after school food delivery boy, the game addict, the church addict, and the boy who complained the most.

Who would have listened? I don’t really like Tom Hanks anyway. He ruined both The Da Vinci Code and Angles and Demons. Probably should have said that the director ruined them.

But truly an interesting topic to talk about. And Tom Hanks is not that bad in other movies. Probably I should have forgiven him instead.

If I really went back to the 12 years old me and still maintain the same consciousness and knowledge that I’m now, I think I will repeat the same thing that I’ve done when I was really 12. The only difference will be that my emotion will be very different. Instead of being eager to turn 18 and leave the house, I would probably stay cool and enjoy the time.

One twist though, I will get a part time job or freelance in creating websites or coding so that I don’t have to beg my parents for money. That would be nice, my parents won’t worry about feeding me anymore and I’m happy to do whatever I love to do as a 12 years old. Win win.

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