The troubling knowledge

Some knowledge are best to be kept mysterious. It’s better to have guesses of some facts, rather than knowing the fact itself. Like knowing about a bomb is going to be detonated somewhere and knowing about that exact location but won’t be able to act on it at all. Probably you’re paralyzed or people don’t trust you or you are held captive without any way to communicate with the outside world.

Well, I think it’s simpler than that. I’m sure you’ve got that few times where you find out about things that you’re not supposed to know. Like finding out that your house is on fire while you’re on the other side of the world but you won’t be able to do anything but worry. And then you say “F**k it, there is no use to worry” and continue doing whatever you were doing, but how many of you can actually do that?

It’s like a guessing game where you are not suppose to find out the answer. You’re fine to just think that you know the answer but will not be 100% sure. Like guessing that another person is attracted to you but you are not exactly sure about your feeling about it, and it was just a speculation but you are not 100% sure. And then one day that person told someone that your speculation is true and you were accidentally informed about that piece of knowledge and suddenly you’re even more confused about your own feeling and wondering if you should give it a try.

And then you replay the scenarios where that piece of knowledge was being analysed in the past, it was sort of obvious but there was no way to prove that theory until the day that it was state or made true.

Or it’s like a flower that might or might not produce a fruit but it doesn’t know. It’s not supposed to know until it’s dead and the world will see what happen. It’s a mystery every flower will have and they should never know in its lifetime.

And then I realized that I’ve used so many “and”s and “but”s and still haven’t tell you about what really had happen. I believe this is for the sake of your well-being. You’re not suppose to know, but you are free to make guesses. But if you find out, it might ruin your life.

This piece of information that I’ve just discovered should not have been proven at all. It was supposed to be a mystery that I would bring to death, but now that I’ve uncovered the mystery, I wonder how should I live my tomorrow.

With that information on top of my head and worst is that I’m supposed to keep it as a secret, it a strange feeling. And now only I realized that it is a secret and nobody is supposed to know. I’ve just uncover a secret without the intention of the secret owner and the owner doesn’t know that I know. This is becoming worst!!

Oh what have I done?!?!


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