The time when Earth slow down

A panic has attacked the Central Science Association of Earth just so suddenly that everything is going extremely wrong. People are still safe on Earth, but the Earth as we know it has gone through a sudden change that the entire living beings in it is having difficulty in adjusting to it.

“It all started four days ago out of a sudden” explained one scientist on the television, “There were no clear evidence on what caused this sudden change, we are still investigating on it. But what is more important now is to plan for our lifestyle changes to cope with this unusual phenomenon that doesn’t seems to be fixable or revertible.”

Most of the things still looks normal. The day and nights are still balanced between that 25 hours and the weather is still bearable. That sudden addition of extra hour in the day is more of a psychological issue than physiological. But who knows what will it do to us for a long term? Longer Winter? The next Ice Age?

But what really troubles me is that I’d been always struggling to fill the 24 hours day that we used to live at, but now with the extra hour, days are literally longer. “Should I start sleeping 9 hours a day?” I thought to myself. But the fact that I’ve never been able to really sleep for 8 hours has just proved that it is not a solution at all. I need to find more things to kill these time, plus that stupid extra hour.

It’s kind of fun to think about it as well, I mean, when it all just started. It was a normal day, nothing unusual. It was just that the sun set a bit later that day. I thought I’ve lost track of time and that it’s already summer. But it get stranger as the day pass by, the sun rise earlier and earlier every morning, as if the whole day and night is moving back in time. Then the Scientists started to realize that it’s because of the day is getting longer, it’s no longer 24 hours, but it’s 25 now. The Earth has slowed down its rotation.

The stranger thing is that I’ve thought about this before. But I thought it won’t happen so suddenly. I’ve always exited when the Scientists made statements about some earthquake somewhere that had slowed down the Earth’s rotation by a fraction of a second. But to imagine that it has slowed down by an hour in just one day is just fascinating.

Now that the Scientists has confirmed the exact duration of a day, 24 hours 55minutes and 23 seconds, not exactly 25 hours but it’s pretty close to an hour extra from what we used to have. It’s catastrophic but not physical, at least not yet. Business are going haywire, schools are having trouble adjusting, the watch makers are going nuts, and it’s just too many things to adjust.

And what am I doing here? sitting here next to the window on a rainy day while watching that old Grandfather clock ticking. Is there anybody know what time is it now?


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