You will need me there

It has been 3 long days since his last message. Julian left for a solo photography trip on a boat he rented a week ago. But it was as much shocking for me as well as for the rental company for they had also lost track of his ship. My only thought was that he must have stranded on some island.

Now all I can think of is how lonely will he be. And then I think about it again, he must really enjoy his lonely days. But I still hope that I will be there with him. Imagine all the talks we will have. The theory of being the island itself.

Speaking of talking, how I remember the shames of me being so full of my own shitty righteousness when we talk. Though he does the same sometimes, but it’s always worst when he was righter but I was too proud to admit that I was wrong. So I will bring myself a note saying “I won’t judge you by what you have said because I am not always right myself.”

Such a terrible thing to type on my phone. It’s a shame that my laptop died in the middle of finishing another post. And this phone just got me thinking of getting a new laptop as soon possible. And with you left alone in some lonely island, I will get a new one and bring it along with me when I ship myself to your island.

Who cares about food. We will catch fishes and cook them on fire woods. But I know you love ice cream so much, so I will bring you a box of those, packed in a mini portable refrigerator.

And last item will be the flight ticket home. Though I would love you to leave you there alone to enjoy yourself, but it is not very healthy for you, especially for your mind. So I will bring you back here where you belong. And the people that care about you all along.


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