Maybe it’s alright

It was another lonely Christmas night. I remembered how much I’d loved Christmas. The loving people, the many different Christmas services, caroling, cooking and wrapping gifts for the carolers. Maybe because of his cold attitudes that had stopped me from enjoying Christmas. Or maybe because all the people I cared and loved had died or left me. Even if they were alive, I am sure they would hate me for what I’d done. There was nothing I could do to be forgiven. Especially from him.

But that year was also the year I met Sean. I remembered how he had made me curious again, made me brave again to step outside and love. Made me try to forgive myself. Even though the memory of that horrible night was still crystal clear in my mind, for the first time after that night, I wanted to be loved again. So I gave Sean a call.

“Hi Sean, Merry Christmas” uttered me as soon as I saw Sean’s head projected on my mobile.

“Merry Christmas” replied Sean, looking busy like he’s walking on the street “How are you doing?”

“I’m fine, thanks” I quickly replied back. “How about you? Where are you now? how are things?” suddenly I was rushing to ask all sort of questions. I was really hoping to see him in person. And a little hoping that he will be not too far away so I could go meetĀ him.

“I’m back in England. Getting some stuffs cleaned up over here” said Sean. His hologram head was still looking busy tilting busily and looking around cautiously.

“Well, I’m just calling to wish you a Merry Christmas” uttered I, not knowing how to tell him what I wanted to tell him.

“Thanks” he paused “yeah, it does looks like Christmas over here. All sorts of Christmas decoration everywhere”

“It must be really nice” suggested I.

“It is pretty cool” replied him.

“alright, you enjoy your Christmas there” said I after a short silent, trying to avoid being awkward.

“Thanks. You too” replied Sean.

“Ok bye”


Then he hanged up. His hologram head disappeared leaving me there thinking what was I doing. Then I thought to my self that I would probably never see him again. But part of me was wishing that I would.


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