The beginning of time, which time?

First thought about the “Hindsight – Rewriting your very first post” idea is, which first post? The one I wrote when I was in high school, college, graduated, or last year, or from this blog?

Why not all? well sh**t, how do I find back my old posts?

First blog ever, or is it?

Let’s look back to 2007 where I really started writing on a blog. Apparently, unlike what I’ve remembered, it was a post with 4 photoshopped images.

Well, not gonna rewrite that blog. But, just don’t give it too much attention please.

Looking back at that abondoned blog I have in Blogspot, I have noticed that it has been visited quite a number of times. Not to the point of “thousands of click per day”, but a few. I’ve never visited it for a long time, and the last post was from 2011, almost 4 years back. I wonder what’s going on over there. Maybe it’s time to revive it.

First post in here, the Random Post a Day

Hold on, still looking for the first post ever in this blog.

Here we go:

And here is the re-write. But first, let me read through it again.

On a second thought after re-reading, why would I rewrite a post? that was the original, and I would love to keep it that way.

That was a post from 2 years ago. I should start celebrating the anniversaries of this blog.


My writing style hasn’t changed much from 2 years ago since I started the daily prompt. It was a fun journey and for some random posts like this, it really hasn’t changed much.

Is it because I haven’t learned much for these 2 years of writing with Daily Prompt? or I’ve reached a stage where the learning curve has been slowed down? Either way, I believe I’ve still so much to learn. Maybe I’ve not read enough to improve?

But I bet I’ve been writing more story type posts now. I hope the journey to the first completed book should be soon now. It might take another year, maybe two. But I believe it will come true.

Oh well, what now? Keep writing folks!!

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