Retrovitrarcer (Retro-vitr-arcer)

retro – behind

vitrum – glass

carcer – jail

This word describe the feeling of being locked behind a glass wall with the world of possibilities behind it.

Imagine that you can see the things that you want but it’s behind this glass wall. You know exactly what you want but unable to reach it. Leaving you angry, hopeless and sad. And you ended up sitting there with your head tilted to the left, listening and watching as it moves around, wishing that you can touch it, smiling as you listen its voice.

And you let it consume you, wishing that it notices you, look at you, call your name. But that thing behind this thin glass doesn’t know you, cannot see you, nor care about you. And you come back here every day, repeating what you’ve done until you get bored, and forgot about it, and find another thing behind that wall to fall in love with.


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