The affordability of risk taking.

I’m not a risk taker. I’ve never really been one. Unless I’m in a video game world, or interviewing for a new job, or trying a new food.

This morning I was put in a situation where taking risk is to be considered. I was driving with my friends out for lunch where we were stuck in the parking lot waiting for the next car to take its right turn while it was also waiting for the car in front of it which was waiting for a driver to load his groceries so he could drive away so it can park.

You probably got confused there, but it isn’t very important.

The important part is that I was happily waiting while my friend who was in the passenger seat asked me to overtake the car in front of me. There was a gap between the car in front of me and the wall on my left that was wide enough for my car to go through. I didn’t want to take the risk even though I was pretty confident that I could pass. But my friend assured me that it has enough space.

What’s happening in my mind is this calculations of the “what ifs”. If I didn’t got though, my car will get damaged and probably the car in front of my will be damaged as well and I can’t afford to pay for the repairs. Even though I have insurance, but it still cost some form of money.

By the way, we made it through that, it was quite a big space after all.

I was thinking about this whole incident when I was driving home from work today and start thinking about all the risks that I avoided in my life. There are opportunities out there but they all cost a lot and the risk of failing is expensive. And that is also why I avoided them.

Think back about risk taking, we often say words like “You are a risk taker” or “You are not a risk taker” and it kind of become a type of personality. But today I realize that it’s not as simple as that. It’s also about the affordability. It’s not just about your tendency of taking risk. It’s about affording to live with the consequences if it goes south. If you lose all your money, what then? lose your friends, what then? lose your life?


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